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This is our specialty! Building up a software, a UNIQUE system that meets the characteristics of your business. As custom, taking all measures that ONLY you have. IDESI will work closely with you to ensure that the final product effectively SOLVE the problems of day to day business, perrmitiendo so the total customer satisfaction and promoting your organization to a higher level.

In IDESI, training is a synonym for success! Our workouts are designed to develop participants, skills and abilities to tune and make a difference in the service that your organization provides to its customers through its employees, which will increase the production of your company. Start today, training for all staff. IDESI has the solution!

IDESI always at the forefront! With this innovative service scan will take care of all their physical data: years of physical records, papers, evidences, controls, etc.. Do not let the weather and insects destroy it, Remember Your Data IS MONEY! Hire IDESI, and discover how you can take all your data cloud digitized, well kept, and available for you to access it whenever you want. DO IT NOW, tomorrow may be too late!

If your company wants to offer new services and thus increase its customer base. UPDATED NEED to new needs, requirements and new areas that your old system does, but if your business does not have an automated system, and would like to evaluate the possibility of having one. IDESI evaluation and presents a proposal to the feasibility of implementing a real solution for your organization. In both cases, IDESI is the solution!

Besides offering Custom Development, Training, Digital Data Management, Systems Analysis and Design, IDESI provides other services related to the area of technology, including: Consulting, Auditing, Marketing, Sales, Parts & Accessories Vanguard Technology, among others , Contact us and let's vast experience IDESI him on his way to ensure an end prosperous technological.

Custom Development

A Unique System, made ​​to measure...



The key to continuous improvement and the increase in the production of your business...


Managing Digital Data

Their physical data becomes information, do not let time and destroy the insects, scan it TODAY, IDESI can do for you...